commercialWhen you are at various stages of solar energy, from conception to implementation, it is important to have the right advice. Powerlutions Consulting Services aim to advise our clients on alternative energy approaches in order to maximize savings.  As NABCEP certified solar installers we have the unique insight to advise you on your solar project.

In addition to assisting customers make the right solar decisions, we also consult with individuals and companies who are looking to do some of the solar work in-house.  We can assist these entities by consulting with them on the solar system design, governmental applications, sourcing, engineering and any of the myriad aspects to having a successful solar installation.

There is sometimes a disconnect between the goals of a solar company and the results. Powerlutions Consulting Services is here to bridge that gap and bring client goals to completion.

Powerlutions Inc. uses our extensive network of engineers, architects, government entities in order to make sure the client's needs are met 100%.

Please call us at 732-987-3939 to talk to a solar consulting professional.