New Jersey Solar Installer with Solar panel installers in NJSolar Energy has been in use for thousands of years, from the times of the Romans and their solariums. With the advent of Albert Einstein's theory of the photoelectric effect came the development of the first photovoltaic cells to create electricity. Using treated silicon purified to 99.999999, the first photovoltaic panels came into use in Bell Laboratories in the 1950 and then in satellites shortly afterwards.

PowerLutions is dedicated to providing quality and consistent service in its efforts in solar energy. PowerLutions prides itself on creating and sustaining positive customer relationships by providing quality and expert workmanship. Its team of experts includes photovoltaic designers, roofers, electricians, and sales representatives to better care for its customers. In addition, PowerLutions has partners with various financial institutions which facilitate the purchase of solar energy systems. PowerLutions works closely with all of its partners to ensure a smooth and quality job from beginning to end.


NABCEP Certified Solar Installer in NJ New Jersey & New York

PowerLutions' lead designer & installer is certified by The North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP).  NABCEP is the Gold Standard for solar installers in North America.  This is further proof of our dedication to quality.


"PowerLutions: Where Quality Meets Price!"